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Suzanne Goddyn

I relocated to Portland from San Francisco in 1996. After a succesful career in advertising and high-tech publishing, I moved to Portland for its unique quality of life. After twenty years, I can honestly call Oregon "home". Since 2003, I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Oregon.

My passion is helping families. I have been very involved in working toward equitable and meaningful public schools, homeless and foster youth issues, and justice for people with disabilities.

Kaylie Shults

I moved to Portland from Eugene OR in 2013. Portland instantly captured my heart with its vibrant culture, diverse communities, and endless foot carts. Portland isn't just a city; it's a way of life, and I'm thrilled to call it home.

I am a passionate real estate agent who has a knack for connecting with people. I have been working in the industry since 2015 and helped numerous clients find their dream homes. I am dedicated to helping Buyer's and Seller's throughout the process of transacting real estate. I understand the market and will act as your trusted advisor and friend during the process.



Unexpectedly buying a new house and then fixing up and selling our existing house happened during our most stressful time of the year. Suzanne was consistently there for us and handled all the bumps along the way in the most professional manner. When we sometimes led with our emotions, she reminded us to look at the big picture and to stay grounded. We so appreciate her professional guidance and genuine joy for us when everything was all over. Thanks Suzanne! We so appreciate you!

Besides being overjoyed for having sold our house for a full price on the first week of having it on the market, we could not be happier with having chosen Suzanne Goddyn and Windermere to represent us. We will never forget the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that you are in good hands, that you’ve got the strongest player on your corner and she is ready to fight for you. She has your back, you can feel it and you can help loving her for it. Thanks Suzanne

Kaylie is extremely professional, had really great ideas for negotiations, and helped me stay optimistic in a hectic market. She is incredibly patient and very attentive to my many questions and anxieties about the process. She was on top of everything, punctual, communicative, and I never felt like I was left hanging. 

Suzanne, where do I start!? She was wonderful. Helped us every inch of the way. She even stepped up to talk some sense into us when we became desperate (due to low inventory and short time line) and got us back on track to help find THE house, not just A house. I couldn't recommend someone more. She is intelligent, friendly, funny, and knows her industry well.

Kaylie was truly a joy to work with throughout this process. This was my first experience buying a house, and at times I found it exhausting but Kaylie was always there to keep me motivated. She did extensive research on properties, and was always available to show a house if I was interested in one, often in the same day and within a few hours.


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